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Over the past two years we have been working towards achieving a prestigious Artsmark Award which recognises a settings contribution towards the arts. We are delighted to announce that during half term we found out that we have been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. The Artsmark Award is the only creative quality standard for schools, accredited by Arts Council England. It supports schools to develop and celebrate arts and cultural education, putting creativity and wellbeing at the heart of the curriculum. Artsmark ensures every young person can be creative and access a diverse, high-quality cultural education. We have seen a huge impact upon both children and staff at Captain Webb with initiatives such as Indian drumming on World Music Day as well as extra-curricular dance clubs. Here is some of the feedback we were given by the Artsmark assessors:


“You clearly value the arts and recognise their contribution to supporting your pupils' emotional well-being and self-confidence.”

“You have used your Artsmark journey to develop children's cultural capital by commissioning various theatre groups, including Loud Mouth Theatre, Hobgoblin Theatre Company and Image Theatre Company, so that every child has enjoyed watching live performances.”

“Music is a growing strength within your overall arts offer with lessons provided by specialist music teachers throughout the whole school, including EYFS sessions delivered by 'Music Minors.”

“It is great to hear that you are beginning to develop pupil voice through your Arts Committee, and that they have relished the opportunity to work with your new partner, 'Primary Workshops' to plan and deliver Indian drumming workshops throughout the school in celebration of World Music Day.”

“Teachers' confidence has increased because of working alongside music specialists. They have also strengthened their fine art skills by participating in training on the use of sketch books, led by Go Sketch.”

“Clearly, the dance club specifically for boys was also a successful initiative, with their performance at a local theatre supporting positive learning behaviours.”

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