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Ofsted Parent View gives you, as parents, the chance to tell Ofsted what you think of your child’s school, including: 

  • how happy your child is at the school

  • how the school manages bullying or challenging behaviour 

  • If your child has special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), we will ask how well the school supports them. 

The questionnaire can be completed at any time - you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected. 

Ofsted will use your responses to help plan inspections. The information you provide can:  

  • inform discussions inspectors have with school leaders during an inspection

  • help Ofsted decide when to inspect a school   

In addition to this, they also publish the overall summary of the responses to Ofsted Parent View. This information is anonymised.  

If your child attends a maintained nursery, please read more about how to respond to the questionnaire here. 

Click ‘Give your views now’ to register and complete a survey to help your child’s school improve.

Parental questionnaire Autumn 2023 - Responses
Every term we hold a Parents Consultation Session.  Parents can look through their child's work, and raise any questions they may have about their child's progress, in a 1:1 meeting with the class teacher. 
During this session we ask parents to complete a questionnaire on how they feel the school is performing on behalf of their child.  The questions are the same as those on the Ofsted Parent View website, so we can combine and analyse both sets of results to see how parents perceive our service.  Below are the results from the Autumn 23 questionnaire:



Below is a selection of some of the comments made by our parents.


“My child will be sad to leave at the end of the year”

“Great school - thanks”

“Every teacher my child has had throughout the years has been excellent.  I can’t thank them, and the school enough for all their hard work…they a credit to the education sector”

“Teachers make school great for the children”

“The school are brilliant at making sure children’s mental health is well maintained”

“My child really loves school and enjoys coming everyday”

“I’m very happy how my child is growing in confidence and with her friendship group”

“Great school.  My kids love it. Thank you”

“This school takes an holistic approach to my child’s wellbeing, supporting us as parents to ensure she is happy and thriving at school and home”

“We had a couple of issues with other children, but the issues were dealt with straight away.  We are happy”

“Perfect for my children”

“Miss Saville is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough”

“Couldn’t wish for a better school...the staff work hard to ensure my girls are happy and progressing well”

“This school have been amazing with all my children…I highly recommend this school to fellow parents”

“I highly recommend this school they are very supportive with everything and anything”

“Since my son has been attending Captain Webb, I’ve noticed a massive change in his attitude towards school.  His last school was a challenge for me every day but now he is fine – I can’t thank you enough”

“My child enjoys school”

“my child struggles to come out of his shell and the teachers have done an amazing job to ensure he is comfortable”

You Said.....We Did...

Obviously some parents have queries/concerns that they raise.  Below are the actions we are taking in response to these.

My children have lost all their jumpers
We have created a centralised lost property which can be accessed by parents, by requesting access at the school office. All unclaimed lost property will be disposed of every half term. or used as additional uniform for children.  If clothing is clearly labelled we do try and return it to its owner.

We need more reminders about events

We work really hard at communication.  We use ClassDojo, Facebook and the school website to communicate with parents.  We will endeavour to post more reminders on Classdojo in the week leading up to events, in the form of a post called 'The Week Ahead''


My child was unable to participate in P.E. due to the weather....I understand the hall was double booked.

This will have happened due to events taking place in the school hall - such as workshops and productions. If the weather is favourable we do take the children outside.  Unfortunately if the weather is wet some children don't have the appropriate clothing and surfaces become slippy.  We always aim for children to have at least 2 hours of physical activity a week during lesson times, this can include forest school, and activities in the classroom.

My child needs more support - SALT

SENCO has contacted parent and this has been resolved.

I do feel naughty children are favoured....some pupils are disruptive.

This is becoming more common in schools since COVID. We have a small percentage of our children, with multiple additional needs, which can result in them struggling to engage with their lessons.  We are working very hard on supporting not only these children, but all children in school to attain the most from their education.

Behaviour is part of our School Development Plan this year, which has resulted in:

  • A member of SLT being appointed as Behaviour Lead

  • A new Behaviour Policy has been created and shared on our Policies and Procedures page.

  • Additional training has been received by all staff.

  • Additional outside agencies have been commissioned to support children.

  • Internal staff have been trained in further interventions such as ELSA and Drawing and Talking Therapy.

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